Tartu Sax Choir...
... is founded in December 2003 by Estonian most famous jazz-saxophonist Lembit Saarsalu and by Salvador Sax Quartet to inspire young saxophonists to play in different groups and get the feeling of playing together with best players in Tartu.
Lembit Saarsalu

In Tartu Sax Choir are playing saxophonists with different age, but mostly young musicians. In the most growded concert we had 27 players on the stage. Inside of choir are working 5 saxophone quartets, most of them from different schools.

We have performed in several festivals in Estonia, but also in Trakai and Kaunas in Lithuania and Lüneburg, Germany. Repertoire of Tartu Sax Choir consists from earlier music from 15th century to jazz and rock (for example James Brown or Michael Jackson).

Together with Tartu 1st Music School Clarinet Choir and Tartu FrenchHorn Choir we are playing inChoir ClarSaxHorn performing well-known classics - "Music for the Royal Fireworks" of G.F.Händel and Overture from opera "Magic Flute" of W.A.Mozart.

List of reperoire with the best sound examples.

Photos of concert tour to Trakai Lithuania 10.-12.08.2007

Photos of our 5. Birthday Concert "SAX GAMES" in Tartu 23.11.2008

Photos of concert tour to Kaunas Hanseatic Days Lithuania 20.-22.08.2010