Jazz-performance in Vanemuine Theatre, Tartu, Estonia. Premiere at 22.09.2012, nineteen performances in season 2012/2013.

Musical Director: Tarmo Leinatamm
Director-Choreographer, Costume and Set Design: Mare Tommingas
Choreography: Igor Barberic (Croatia)
Lighting Design: Tõnu Eimra, Mare Tommingas
Singing soloists: Hedvig Hanson, Uku Suviste, Aivar Tommingas
Big Band Tartu
led by Toomas Peterson
Participating Ballet-dancers and string octet of Vanemuine

Jazz music with its hundred-year long history has been an open kind of music right from the very beginning. Everything in its sound field can-may-will change into jazz. Be it classic, folk or pop on top of the charts.

Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennet, Glenn Miller, George Gershwin, Benny Goodman, Diana Krall, Nat King Cole and others are the chosen ones, whose music will be interpreted by Hedvig Hanson, Uku Suviste, Aivar Tommingas and Vanemuine's ballet artists.

A grand spectacle with a new twist on jazz classics!

More about the performance and also ticket-information here

Performances (in Grand Building of Vanemuine Theatre, Tartu, Estonia):
22.09.2012 19:00
26.09.2012 19:00
02.10.2012 19:00
07.10.2012 19:00
31.10.2012 19:00
11.11.2012 16:00
23.11.2012 19:00
07.12.2012 19:00
20.12.2012 19:00
27.12.2012 19:00
20.01.2013 19:00
26.01.2013 19:00
03.02.2013 19:00
23.02.2013 19:00
12.03.2013 19:00
21.03.2013 19:00
10.04.2013 19:00
19.04.2013 19:00

Some of sound examples You'll find from here
Recorded live on performance 07.10.2012
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