Salvador Sax Quartet ...
... was established in 1998 to play specific saxophone music we liked a lot. We still like the music and we still play together.
Toomas Peterson - soprano, alto and baritone sax
Eero Tonka - alto sax and singing
Priit Vinkel - tenor sax
Lirike Langeler - soprano and alto sax
Maret Melesk - alto and baritone sax
Roland Mällo - tenor sax

We play different kind of music in compilations ranging from a quartet to a sextet. Our repertoire extends from the 16th century until contemporary music. Feel free to browse in a sample list of our pieces and listen to some demos.  
Salvador Sax Quartet
NGO Laulu- ja pillimänguselts Con Vivo, Aiandi tee 3-29, Lohkva, 62207 Tartumaa, Estonia, e-mail convivo, phones +372 518 8010